Tianda Group invests in and develops the Pu’er tea business and operates other fast-moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) businesses through a collaboration with Tianda (China) Limited and Tianda Group (Australia) Pty Ltd.


The Group uses Yunnan Pu’er Tea Developments Limited, its wholly-owned subsidiary, as a platform to forge the new brand of Pu’er tea - “Yunpufa”, engaging in the research and development, production as well as sales of Pu’er tea products series, including traditional Pu’er tea, health-preserving Pu’er tea and innovative FMCG Pu’er tea, and setting tea trends through “Yunpufa Afternoon Tea” and “Yunpufa Tea Lifestyle”.

Yunpufa Website

Opal Valley

Opal Valley Wine is made from Vinaria, the renowned winery attraction in the world. The wine remained the original flavor of varieties of grapes with mellow fragrance, it unfolds the scene and natural beauty of Australia in sunny, refreshing environment and the exquisite technique of wine-making.

Blue Valley

Tasmanian Palawah Aborigines perceived rainwater as “The Spirit of Life”. Blue Valley is from pure and clean virgin rainwater in Tasmania. Taste Blue Valley to feel the pure nature and most extraordinary “Life Spirit”.