Tianda Resources Ltd (“Tianda Resources”) is mainly engaged in the investment and development of mineral and energy industry. It is headquartered in Hong Kong. Adhering to Tianda Group’s corporate philosophy of “Striving for Perfection”, and with a high level of professionalism and stringent management standards, Tianda Resources endeavors to become a comprehensive resources enterprise setting its footholds in China and leading the future.

Jinyuan Phosphorus Mine Project in Xundian County, Yunnan Province

The Jinyuan phosphorus mine project has a relatively large resource reserve, a favorable location and perfect infrastructure, which is in compliance with the national ecological and environmental protection policy and has been incorporated into the national mining development plan. So far a total of 83,077.33 metric tons of phosphorus in the Xiaoaozi Mine reserves have been identified.

Lead-zinc mine project in Huize County, Yunnan Province

Located at Xiia Village, Huize County, Yunnan Province, the Shuangshitou Lead, Zinc & Copper exploration block is adjacent to the Huize Lead and Zinc deposit, the first vast Lead and Zinc deposit in Asia. Both of them belong to the same metallogenic belt and have the same metallogenic conditions, and great prospecting potential.

Large Scale Coalfield Mining, Coal-fired Power Generation and Coal Chemical Projects in Qingyang City, Gansu Province

Tianda Group and China Coal Energy Group jointly invested in large coal mining, coal-fired power generation and coal chemical projects in Ningxi Mining Area, which is located in the area of the western part of Ning County in Qingyang City leading to the eastern part of Jingchuan County in Pingliang City, Gansu Province. It is also one of China's largest coal resource-rich areas in the southwest edge of the Ordos Basin as well as one of the key mining areas of the Longdong Energy Base Development Project. It is also an important component of the Huanglong coal base in the 14 large coal bases identified by the State government, and has an important status and role in the national energy strategic layout.

The coal resource in the Ningxi Mining Area amounted to 5.7 billion tons, with excellent quality of high heat output, low ash, low sulphur, high volatility with long flame. It is an excellent resource for the coal-fired power generation and coal chemical projects and has good development potential.