Tianda Group develops financial services through its subsidiary Tianda Financial Limited. Established in 2010, Tianda Financial, through its subsidiaries namely Tianda Securities Limited, Tianda Asset Management Limited and Tianda Capital Limited, primarily engaged in securities booking, corporate finance, asset management, strategic investment.

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Securities Trading

Tianda Securities Limited is licensed in accordance with the Securities and Futures Ordinance of Hong Kong, offering provides securities trading and corporate finance services in major markets around the world, covering bond issuance and placing, shares underwriting and placing, acquisition and merger, equity financing and others.

Asset Management

Tianda Asset Management Limited is licensed in accordance with the Securities and Futures Ordinance of Hong Kong. It provides comprehensive asset management services including individual and institutional asset management accounts and fund management. Through professional investment analysis and rigorous risk evaluation, professional fund managers manage portfolios of client assets that suit their investment objectives and risk tolerance, and pursue the maximization of return rate.

By bringing together experienced investors and fund management team, as well as experts in various fields, Tianda Asset Management has developed a series of Tianda funds. Its investment sectors include collections such as Pu’er tea and others, high-quality corporate equity in pre-IPO stage, innovative drugs and medical technologies, etc. Tianda Asset Management is committed to provide personalized, diversified and rewarding investment options to investors.