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Internship Programme

Tianda Pharmaceuticals strives to nurture the next generation, providing internship opportunities in Hong Kong, China and Australia for university students acquiring valuable work experience in a real life work environment. Through social practices, interns will know more about business operations, enhance their professional knowledge, explore career options, and prepare for the future career.

Programme Highlights
  • Orientation
  • Practical Work Experience in Designated Department
  • Corporate Events Participation
  • Senior Executive Exposure and Guidance

Outstanding Interns will potentially have the development opportunities with Tianda Pharmaceuticals.

Stories From Our Interns
Chole Zhu, Administration & Human Resources Dept. 2007 Intern
The University of Sydney

It was my pleasure to undertake an internship in Tianda Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Ltd during 2007 to 2008. I gained a better understanding of the research and development, manufacturing and registration of pharmaceutical and biological products. In addition to my work, my colleagues provided me with lots of support and care, helping me to adapt to my studies and life in Australia as soon as possible. The wonderful time of internship has enriched my working experience as well as my learning and life, making me want to stay in the Tianda family and work hard to become a regular employee.

Management Trainee Programme

As the business continues to expand, Tianda Pharmaceuticals is eager for talents. Our management programme aims to nurture outstanding university graduates to be the future leaders. Trainees will have job rotation in different departments, getting to know the mission and values of the company. Through a deeper understanding of various businesses and operational processes, trainees will get further development and promotion according to their individual strengths.

Programme Highlights
  • Induction and On-the-job Training
  • Multiple Rotations Through Global Operations
  • Coaching, Mentoring & Shadowing
  • Performance Review
  • Projects & Presentation
  • Site visits to Group’s subsidiaries

Program graduates will be offered final placement into management positions aligned with their business and career interests.

Stories from Our Management Trainee
Sherry Xia, Human Resources Dept. 2011 Management Trainee

I am grateful that the company had offered me with an opportunity to study in Sydney, Australia, and provided me an excellent working environment after graduation. What I have learnt during my study abroad has helped me to think logically and to develop a rigorous attitude towards my work now.

Jessie Zhang, Financial Department 2016 Management Trainee

Tianda values talent development and provides valuable learning opportunities for its staff, just like planting trees to forest. Tianda has the patience to water each sapling with care. As a management trainee, I have progressed in a positive and friendly environment and am able to provide innovative ideas and solutions to the management. At the same time, I was also inspired by Tianda’s corporate philosophy of “Striving for Tianda” and it has become my pursuit.