China' s cultural and creative industries are growing rapidly. Through business and asset consolidation, Tianda Group has established Tianda Culture Holdings (China) Limited ( "Tianda Culture" ). Tianda Culture is primarily engaged in investment and development of cultural business including printing and packaging, creative design, brand media and children' s books. Headquartered in Shengzhen.

Tianda Culture Holdings Website

Colour Printing

Zhuhai Cheng Cheng Printing Co., Ltd and Yuxi Globe Colour Printing Carton Co., Ltd, subsidiaries of Tianda Culture, are the leading colour and packing companies in Zhuhai and Yuxi respectively. They have well-established production facilities and management systems that meet international standards, as well as ample technological experience and human resources in the businesses of designing, plate-making, printing, post-processing and anti-counterfeiting. The printing and packaging sector will develop itself as a sustainable growth driver with high investment value.

Creative Design

Tianda Culture engages in brand planning and design business through Tianda Creative Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianda Culture. Tianda Creative offers its customers in-depth and one-stop branding services covering brand essence, brand strategies, brand design, brand management all the way to brand value realization. It provides creative design services to the three leading brands under China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd., namely “Yunyan”, “Hongtashan” and “Yuxi”. So far, it has gained ample service experience and design resources in various industries, including fast moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, finance, telecommunication and personal care.

Brand Media

Tianda Culture actively participates in the strategy of “Great Nation, Great Brands”. Based on a good understanding of market and consumer behavior, brand study and media strategy, brand exploratory and media communication, it integrates resources including technologies, data, content and online/offline leading platforms to provide customer-tailored and unique marketing solutions to clients and implement digital marketing with the aim to become a provider of comprehensive brand media services.

Tianda Children’s books

Tianda Culture commits itself to the planning and studying of children’s books targeting kids aged from 0 to 12 by integrating the best available resources across China and worldwide. It publishes both original and licensed foreign books. Under the brand of “Wide-Eyed Bird”, Tianda Culture aims to establish “Tianda Children’s Books” as a multi-business and multi-dimensional operation system, endeavoring to provide quality books and a blessed environment for billions of children.