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“Caring for a Better World” is the mission of Tianda Group. On one hand, we constantly seek growth opportunity, and on the other hand, we are enthusiastic in supporting social welfare which includes donations for poverty relief, education and training, healthcare, scientific research and environmental protection, culture and arts, etc. Looking ahead, Tianda Group would continue to contribute to the development of the society in broader aspects, thus fulfilling our obligation to the community.

  Date Event  
  2020-07-30 Offering free Chinese medicine consultation and "Anti-Epidemic Formula 1" to help employees protect against Coronavirus  
  2020-07-22 Tianda Group is pleased to be notified by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the lifting of 2 counties in Yunnan Province out of poverty, and will continue to support the Ministry’s poor alleviation initiatives going forward  
  2020-05-02 Zhuhai TDMall provided free TCM medical consultation and healthcare seminar in celebration of its 1st year anniversary  
  2020-04-08 TDMall shows its care for community through providing free Chinese medicine consultations and herbal formulations across China  
  2020-03-30 TDMall pays high tribute to medical and healthcare workers through anti-coronavirus charity campaign