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To develop from its Asia Pacific base into the global arena and establish itself as a fully integrated and socially responsible multinational corporation.

“Diversify development programmes & create values”. We aim to create good returns for shareholders by fully tapping into the competitive advantages of the Company, investing in projects with potential, enhancing cost efficiency, and increasing brand values.

“Standardise management practices & pursue excellence”. We strictly abide by laws and regulations and follow international standards. To ensure safe and efficient operation, we attach high importance to corporate culture, standardised management practices and information technology. We dare to innovate, tap full potential of the Company, pursue perfection and excellence, so as to provide quality products and professional services and to keep improving our competitiveness.

“Nurture talents & strengthen the team”. On one hand, we attract, motivate and retain talents, by offering our employees a favorable working environment to grow, allowing them to excel on a good career development platform; on the other hand, we place great emphasis on communication and collaboration amongst employees, so as to build a brilliant work team and to propel the Company forward.

“Care for a better world”. While constantly working towards the Company’s vision through ongoing expansion, we are building up a culture of philanthropy where giving back to the society is essential. We are committed to sharing our fruits of development with society and supporting community activities enthusiastically.

Corporate Philosophy and Core Value
“Striving for Perfection” is the corporate philosophy and core value of Tianda Group.

“Striving” emphasises the strength and value of every individual employee in the Company, as well as communication, cooperation, understanding and mutual support among all employees. Working together towards the same goals and direction, our outstanding team fosters better development of the Company. It also illustrates the growing process of the Company and the employees.

“Perfection” not only refers to rewards, such as improved skill sets, higher performance, better remuneration and more recognition, which the employees have earned through their hard work, but also the accomplishments the Company has achieved, including improved competitiveness, higher profits, better return, continuous offer of quality products and professional services, etc. This emphasises the results both the employees and the Company are seeking.

Work processes and results are equally important, making our lives the most enchanting ever!