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Interpretation of "Tianda"
"Tianda", composed of two Chinese characters “Tian” and “Da”, which literally means “great sky”, is interpreted as “to grow and progress day by day”. This illustrates the nurturing journey of how the Company thrives on hard work and emphasises the goals that the Company pursues.

Interpretation of Tianda Logo
The design of the Tianda logo represents the sun rising majestically from the east, which features a feel of prosperity and dynamism, implying that Tianda is growing every day, and that development is a process where Tianda grows so fast that not even the sky is the limit.

Tianda Brand
Establishing our own brands is highly recognized. We believe that a strong brand is the cornerstone of a company, and that without strategically developing its brand, a company would fail to lay a foundation for growth, and robust and long-term development would be hardly possible. We will continue to enrich the essence of our brand and disseminate our messages to the society.